February 18, 2014

Moment # 12

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All in a day’s work

N+A, All over Udaipur, 2014

This is how yesterday looked like. Wake up after a 5 hour sleep from day before, get ready at 6:30 a.m to find this awesome couple all set for a shoot in 16 degree temperature outside (we are from Bombay, 16 degree is cold :D). Chase the morning light starting from Chunda Palace all the way to The Leela. Change of clothes. Underwater shoot. Freezing. Happy happy. Still freezing. Quick bite. Off to shooting in the lake (like in the middle of the lake!). Back to land. Broken back. Shoot at Udaivilas. Staring at the sun kissed Gangaur Ghat after the last shot of the shoot. Look at the watch. Too late, going to miss the flight back to home. Rush to the airport. Flight delayed. Kill switch. Mid flight sleep. Back home at 12:30 a.m. Get up at 7:00  a.m. Back still hurting. Can’t wait to edit the pictures, so might as well do it. Here is one from yesterday. Just another day at Knotinfocus *phew*