May 6, 2014

Moment #13

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Gate crashers

D+R, Krabi, 2014

So this is how most destination weddings go for us. Show up a day before, settle down, recce, couple shoot in the evening. Then shoot like mad men for next two/three/four days and maybe chill out/fix broken bones for a day after. Not this one! Disha and Rushi’s ‘wedding’ was more of a five day couple shoot with wedding events thrown in between. To quote Disha from one of our conversations halfway during the wedding… “It’s like me and him just gate crash these amazing events taking place every three hours … its so much fun!” Here is to a couple that chose not to be in the ‘oh-i-m-the-bride-and-he-is-the groom’ zone, to one big five day party that was and to all these ‘lets-go-to-this-random-beach-and-shoot’ sessions in between.