Diksha and Rohan’s ‘destination’ wedding in Mumbai

Diksha and Rohan’s ‘destination’ wedding in Mumbai

Diksha and Rohan

From what we can remember, here is what the welcome card at the wedding read – “We always wanted a destination wedding but then there were so many of you we wanted to share this celebration with that we decided to host a destination wedding in Mumbai itself!”.  Can we say, these two were serious when they said they have a lot of friends and all of ’em take their partying very seriously! In a wedding that oscillated between a three day party and a tex-mex of sindhi-punjabi ceremonies, Diksha and Batra got married at Renissance Powai in 2013. From a pool party to gazal evening to UV party to lake side mehendi to rooftop garden wedding … this one was a poster child of getting-married-only-once-why-sleep-when-we-can-party 😀 Did we mention that towards the end we were made to surrender our cameras and dance to gangnam style after (in)appropriate quantities of alcohol!! … goes on to saying how ridiculously amazing hosts these two are.

Here is reliving a decade of their togetherness and the coming together in what is (and will be) one of our all time favourite (wedding) 🙂

PS: super event by Momente. Recommended for only seriously fun weddings.


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