Pallavi and Prabhas’s Journey to Destiny

Pallavi and Prabhas’s Journey to Destiny

In no particular order, here is what we did at Pallavi and Prabhas’s wedding

1. Consumed nearly 50 shots of vodka between a 14 member team in under 20 mins (more like, were made to consume :D)

2. Danced with them at the sangeet till 4:30 in the night/morning (this time, willingly)

3. Made 50 people do a synchronous jump into a swimming pool for one shot. Made them do it again

4. Got into arguments with Thai wildlife protection officers because they won’t allow shoots in a protected forest area (even after three ‘pretty please’s ) 😀 😀

5. Made friends, really genuine and good friends.

and … almost forgot … clicked some amazing pictures and took video!

The list goes on, you get the drift 😉 We’ll let the pictures speak the rest 🙂

PS: why is the blog called ‘journey to destiny’, that is because these two have a very interesting story … more on that later 😀Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_01 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_04 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_03 Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_02Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_05Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_06Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_07Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_08Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_09Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_10Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_11Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_12Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_13Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_14Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_15Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_16Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_17Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_18Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_19Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_20Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_21Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_22Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_23Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_23Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_24Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_25Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_26Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_27Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_28Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_29Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_30Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_31Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_32Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_33Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_34Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_35Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_36Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_37Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_38Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_39Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_40Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_41Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_42Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_43Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_44Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_45Pallavi_prabhas_Blog_46


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