Knotinfocus to Reelsandframes

This is an important update and will only take a minute to read (yes, I timed it :D)

Knotinfocus, our photography and film company, our darling baby and the fire in my belly for the last two years is now being put to rest. We are re-branding and launching as ‘ReelsandFrames’ ( Same amazing set of people, same quest for great visual art and now with a new vision. Besides weddings, we are also producing and shooting corporate AVs and lifestyle shoots (maternity, infants, beauty).

If there is one thing I can attribute my success to, it is the sharing and care that you (friends, families and clients who are now friends) have given us over the years. I cannot thank you enough and would really really *really* appreciate if you share this update. Means a lot to us … as always 🙂

Lots of love

Anand and Team Reels and Frames

PS: Part of Knotinfocus has now moved to Reelsandframes. If you are looking for the best in candid wedding photography in India, check out our Portfolio

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