May 21, 2016

Pizza, Pasta, Pictures

**Definitely watch it on a device bigger than a phone, a lot of pictures require larger canvas**

I could have well titled this ‘Dhaval and Shivani’s couple shoot – the one that took forever and was all worth it’

Its a little hazy in my mind as to when exactly did we first discuss this shoot (eight, maybe 9 months ago). What I do remember though is that for almost four months, every location we planned for hit a non recoverable dead end (Turkey climate woes, US visa issues, Italy time constraints and Paris … terror attacks!). Eventually, we all took a sabattical.

Couple of months POST their wedding (in Jan 2016), Dhaval called up one fine day and said, “Hey, you still wanna do the shoot?”. ‘Dear God, please align the stars in the right direction this time’ I thought to myself and said “sure!”. Three months later, on a soggy mediterrenian afternoon, we all landed at Marco Polo airport, Venice.

The next three days were right out of a photographer’s wishlist. There was rain (and thunderstorms), sun, 3 hour long sunsets, a couple who actually woke up at 6 am everyday, lots of pizza, even more driving and the complete freedom to shoot anywhere …. ann-ee-where!!

Dhaval and Shivani, thanks for being the champions you are. For willing to stand in the pouring rain in 10 degree cold, for walking 4 hours morning trails for one shot, for not losing your cool when we landed on the wrong island (murano … burano) and most importantly for allowing Sumit and I to shoot without any qualms.

Enjoy the set.

Locations: Venice Bylanes, Saint Marks Square, Murano, Burano, Monterosso train station and Vernazza
Shot by: Anand and Sumit
Edit by: Sumit

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