January 1, 2017


In the business of big fat Indian wedding, one sentence that I always get to hear is – ‘I wanted a simple, fun wedding with only my close family and friends.’ But we all know its not possible. Or … is it?

Saaksha, Karan and I met at a friend’s place. We got drunk and Saaksha mentioned in passing, ‘I will have you shoot our wedding, whenever that happens’. Like all good stories, she maintained her drunken promise and I can’t thank her enough for it. Imagine being a part of a nearly uninterrupted two day party with a wedding ceremony in between. Add to that crazy friends and crazier family and top it up with unrealistic amount of dancing and you have what every wedding should be … happy!

Before you head over to the pictures, check out their crazzy wedding’s crazy trailer here ….

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