Take the nuances of a big fat wedding in Thailand, consider the chaos of managing about 500 guests from all over the world, add the pressure of hosting at least three events a day for three days straight. Now throw all of that out of the window, place these two into it and you’ll be left with what I can only define as … pure exuberance.

They are cool. The kinds who take over drummer’s kit in afterparties cool, one who laugh their heart out on silly videos of them played on large screen in front of all the guests, jump into the pool with dresses on, lie down on tennis courts in the middle of the day and most importantly, have that infectious smile on their faces which one can’t help but smile back to.

If I ever maintained a list of ‘top five super fun wedding I shot’, this will be right up there ….but the cool thing is , we (Ronak, Aneesha and I) don’t need no list 😉 Enjoy the pictures.

roneesha_02 roneesha_03 roneesha_04 roneesha_05 roneesha_06 roneesha_07 roneesha_09 roneesha_10 roneesha_11 roneesha_12 roneesha_13 roneesha_14 roneesha_15 roneesha_16 roneesha_17 roneesha_18 roneesha_19 roneesha_20 roneesha_21 roneesha_22 roneesha_23 roneesha_24 roneesha_25 roneesha_26 roneesha_27 roneesha_28 roneesha_29 roneesha_30 roneesha_31 roneesha_32 roneesha_33 roneesha_34 roneesha_35 roneesha_36roneesha_38 roneesha_39 roneesha_40 roneesha_41 roneesha_42 roneesha_43 roneesha_44

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