November 13, 2018

Cool photo and video ideas for your wedding

We are Reels and Frames love mixing cool tech and wedding photography. Over the years, we have done some fun stuff with photos and continue to do so whenever we get the opportunity

So, without much ado, here are some ideas to up the fun quotient for you and your guests

  1. Slow motion video booth – Do epic sh*t at nearly 500 frames per second! 

2. Neon photo booth – amazing things happen when hyper people meet neon lights

neon photo booth

neon photo booth

neon photo booth


3. Projector booth – Funny images meet silly posers


4. Same day edit/Reception edit – A trailer of the wedding film edited right on location to showcase at the last day. How is that for instant gratification?!


5. VR wedding films – Did we tell you we made India’s first destination wedding VR film? 😀


6. Save the date – How about we add green screen to that?