The resolute one


Siddhesh’s story  with Reels and Frames is technically older than the story of Reels and Frames itself! When Sid first walked in through the doors of ‘Knot in Focus’ (we were earlier called that), there were few indistinguishable features … round sticking out ears, slim like a fresh engineering graduate and eager-beaver eyes.

He showed great potential but just kept falling slightly short of making the cut-off for being part of the in-house team. This went on for almost two years! Every-time he would apply and miss the mark, he would only say one thing to everyone, ‘One day, I’ll be part of this team, wait and watch’. 

The guy is as resolute as they come. He kept his nose to the grindstone until he chiseled out all possible flaws. When he finally got in, he became an embodiment of what the entire company believes in….  ‘we haven’t come this far… to only come this far!’  

Sid has been unvaried in the last 5 years, still as curious (albeit the slender body is gone). The mad scientist in him keeps inventing some photo gadget or some software tool every now and then. He has shot for some of the most prestigious names in the country and his images have circulated the internet and won plentiful of awards. At the core of it though, his perseverance keeps inspiring us and inspiring himself along every milestone.     

Here are some of Sid’s captures. You can also check out his work on instagram at @siddhesh_mapuskar




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