March 21, 2021

Rhea and Avik, Jaipur

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By now you have seen this wedding in bits and pieces on the internet, so we’ll dive right into the good part. Rhea first got in touch with me in Dec of 2019 and the wedding was scheduled to be in March of 2020 … in turkey. We all know what happened in ’20 and eventually the plan was moved to March ’21 in Mumbai. 20 days before the wedding, state rules changed and that meant no more big gatherings in Maharashtra and so, for the third time, the wedding was (re)planned!

Most people would just give up on the planning by now but not Rhee, she made sure that universe better align itself to give her the perfect celebration and holy moses it did! I mean, it had to because when you look at Avik and Rhea together and the kind of warmth they give to people around them, you just want to wish for the best for them.

Also, these two are talent powerhouse, so for audio to go along with the blog, couldn’t think of a better choice than a song Avik sang when they exchanged rings.

Here is to Avik and Rhee #finalforever

Shot by: Aditi, Pratik, Prashant and Krishnam  Production: Reema, Dhiraj, Kashyap
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Event: Horizon WIE

Decor: Altair by Janki, Outfits (hers): Abu Sandeep for Mehendi, Manish Malhotra for Sangeet, Faraz Manan for wedding, Outfits (his): Faraz Manan for mehendi and wedding, Sabyasachi Sangeet and Sufi night, Location: Raj Vilas Oberoi, Chuda: Puneet Balna, Makeup: Sp eastland, Hair: Vidya hairstylist, DJ: Dj Aj, Choreography: Lights Camera Dance, Mehendi: Blushingbells, Catering: Cci, Flpralartbysrihsti