April 14, 2021

Ishita and Aditya, Udaipur

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This is what happens when you get 8 months of planning time, home turf and two so-in-love souls … 100% unadulterated happiness

Don’t take me for my word, have a look at the images. Every fourth picture is either Ishita laughing or Aditya laughing or people around them … you guessed it … laughing! Sure they look drop dead gorgeous (duh!) and the wedding was magnum opus but our biggest takeaway from this one … two amazing new friends and a  whole lot of memories!

Now, here is how you should ideally view this blog, hit the play button on the song. Turn on full screen, grab a small snack and scroll scroll scroll!

Shot by: Joshua, Pratik, Trishila, Aditi 
Production: Ashwin, Kashyap

PS: Please don’t crop watermark and give proper credits while resharing otherwise we will take out our voodoo dolls


Event: Horizon WIE  Decor: Altair by Janki

Outfits : 

Enchanted forest- Ishita: Gavin Miguel Aditya : Gabana  Boho bang- Ishita : Jade by Monica and karishma Aditya: Abu jani Sandeep khosla Recover to discovery Ishita :Braschi Fur Dubai Aditya : Burberry Wedding- Anamika Khanna After wedding party-  Agrima Batra 

Make up- Urmi Kaur Hair (Ishita)- Anisha nagpal Hair (Aditya)- @p.s_hairr

Wedding jewelry- Ishita Birdhichand