Fresh, clean and 100% gluten free! We are Reels&Frames, one of India’s top documentary photography and film company. Brainchild of the people behind Photosutra and Knot in Focus, Reels&Frames offers a broad spectrum of weddinglifestyle, maternity, infant and corporate photography and film making services.



The best part is that ReelsAndFrames makes the couple and the family so comfortable, right from the initial conversation to the wedding day and post that! We are so glad that ReelsAndFrames captured our wedding, the memories wouldn't have been the same if it wasn't for them

Aakanksha - Pujan Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur, November 2015

ReelsAndframes made the perfect frame for our wedding, capturing moments and emotions beautifully through their lenses. The team’s energy is well reflected on their photographs, which are full of colour and spark. Extremely professional, and a whole lot of fun to work with at the same time.

Priyanka - Rishi Ansana Laguna, Phuket, February 2015

Thankyou so much for the amazing work and capturing all our memories, it'll be with us for the lifetime! We specially loved the album, it was an experience just opening it ! We are going to keep everything including the honey untouched, heard it doesn't spoil so we are going to test that theory 😀

Sid - Shatakshi Park Hyatt, Goa, December 2016