1. Travel, food and stay are to be arranged by the client.
  2. Food for crew to be same as the guests.
  3. Stay to be arranged in the same hotel as the event to prevent delays.
  4. Mode of transport to be airways.
  5. Excess weight resulting due to camera equipment to be remunerated on the basis of actuals.
  6. Two large vehicles to be dedicated to the photography/cinematography team across all the days of wedding
  7. Detailed event flow with detailed venue location inside the property to be given in advance to the photography team
  8. Security batches if needed to enter any property to be given in advance to the photography team

RNF cannot be held accountable for delays caused due to unavailability of mode of local transport, in bound or out bound flights, cancellation of flights and equipment loss during transit/travel. For local or outstation station assignments, travel cost to be reimbursed by client as per actual.

COVID Related

  1. The team would be masked and well protected at the location. However, the team shall not shoot wearing PPE kits.
  2. If a member of the photographer’s team cannot make it to the shoot due to corona or related illness, an appropriate substitute would be provided.
  3. Coordination for covid test before, during or after the event will need to be coordinated from client side
  4. All photography members would be tested before the shoot. The cost for the same shall be borne by the client.
  5. Accommodation (in the travel and logistics category)
  6. Hotel accommodation on double sharing basis and in the same premise as the events to minimize chances of spread.



  1. As a protocol and to cause no inconvenience, we do not shoot around the food area unless specified
  2. Albums –Extra pages will be charged at INR 1200 per page. Once the album selection process is initiated, the client is requested to send the selected images within 30 days as it ensures timely deliveries.
  3. Extra image edits – The client can choose up to 50 unedited images from every day of event for extra edits. These are included at no extra charge. Over and above the same, all extra edits will be on chargeable basis at 25 Rupees per image.
  4. Corrections in edit – One round of minor edits (small blemishes, cropping, conversion to black and white etc.) is included at no extra charge. Over and above this, minor edits will be on chargeable basis.
  5. Major edits – All major edits (photo manipulation, skin retouching etc.) are on a chargeable basis.
  6. Timeline of delivery post the changes given by the client and mutually agreed upon by the photographers will be informed based on the situation.


  • Minor changes – One round of minor changes is included in the cost. Minor changes include:
    • shot replacement (on viability of requested change) – changes of up to 10% of run time of the film.
    • basic color correction (exposure, contrast, etc.).
    • change of background score – up to 10% of the film.
  • Major changes – are on a chargeable basis at INR 1000 for every hour spent on changes. Major changes include (and are not limited to):
    • Shot replacement – for more than 10% of the run time of the film.
    • Change of background score – for more than 10% of the film.

Timeline of delivery post the changes given by the client and mutually agreed upon by the photographers will be informed based on the situation.

Note: In case of no revert from the client side for more than 15 days after delivery from Reels and Frames, all edits shall be considered final.

LIMITED LIABILITY If the Photographer cannot perform this Agreement in whole or in part due to a fire, casualty, illness, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, then the Photographer try to provide replacement to the best of their ability to the Client(s) but shall have no further liability with respect to this Agreement, including emotional damages. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of Photographer. All parties to this contract agree that a refund shall terminate any further liability to this agreement and that the amount of liability cannot exceed the amount of this Agreement.


The Client(s) will be responsible for designating an “EVENT GUIDE” To RNF Team.  The role of the EVENT GUIDE is to identify people/objects of whom/which specific photographs are desired at least 15 days before to event, as well as to make certain that these subjects are available when needed.  It is recommended that The Client(s) develop a list of desired poses, locations, and subjects (family and friends; items; etc.) and share this with the EVENT GUIDE at least ONE month before the event (as a PDF with photo references).
RNF will not be held accountable for not capturing desired photographs if there is no one to assist in identifying or gathering people/items/locations for the photograph(s). It is also the responsibility of the event guide to ensure requisite permissions have been secured for usage of equipment (especially drone cameras) and that travel related issues have been resolved.



The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Client has critically viewed samples of RNF’s work and hereby grants full editorial and production control to RNF regarding all aspects of the production and post-production Services for the Event.  The capture, recording or inclusion of any particular segment of the Event in, or partial recording and inclusion in or exclusion of the same from the Deliverables, shall be as agreed between the Parties, in good faith and subject to the capacity and ability of RNF, and the Client shall not thereafter claim or demand and refund or reduction of the Services Fee for such deletion or absence of content.
We prefer to be the only team on the shoot for multiple reasons (ease of operation, clean frames etc.). If you are onboarding another team, please let us know in advance.
Neither RNF nor any of its Affiliates nor its and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents or suppliers shall be liable to the Customer or any third Party for special, consequential, incidental, indirect, tort or cover damages, including, without limitation, damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Deliverables, delay of delivery of any Services, or loss of reputation, business or goodwill, whether or not such Party has been advised or is aware of the possibility of such damages. RNF’s liability for all claims of any kind under contract, tort, or otherwise (including any liability for any negligent act or omission) arising out of or relating to the Agreement during its term shall be limited to a sum equal to the Services Fee paid by the Customer in accordance with the Agreement as on the date of the act or omission giving rise to the liability.
Amendment and Waiver:  Any provision of the Agreement may be amended or waived if, and only if such amendment or waiver is in writing and signed, in the case of an amendment, by each Party, or in the case of a waiver, by the Party against whom the waiver is to be effective.
Neither the Agreement nor any provision hereof is intended to confer upon any Person other than the Parties to the Agreement any rights or remedies hereunder.


Photos released to the vendors including but not limited to event planner team, décor team, makeup artist, performers, designers, stylists etc. should be the only through Reels and Frames and with Reels and Frames watermark. First media releases pertaining to the wedding (photos and videos) must be only channeled through @reelsandframes account unless specified otherwise in writing. This includes but is not limited to phone pictures or professionally clicked images by any of the aforementioned vendors


The Photographer reserves the right to use images and videos produced under this contract for displays, online publications or other photographic purposes. If however, the client wants no release of images or videos, exclusivity of copyright is chargeable at 20% over and above the value of proposed services.